Writer's Beat - International Writer's Forum

Writer's Beat is an International writer's forum, offering support, writing advice and critique service for young and old. Membership is absolutely free.

The forum has places to store member's writing on their own private web space, monthly competitions and challenges to stretch the imagination and creativity, as well as opportunities to publish work in their e-zine: Writer's Beat Quarterly

Writer's Beat is composed of over 4,000 members, from established authors to beginner's, and receives over one million hits a month. The site is manned twenty-four-seven by a team of dedicated staff that look after active fiction, non-fiction, poetry, lyric and scriptwriting forums. If the muse has decided to take the day off, there are friendly chats and lively debates in the cafe, as well as interesting forum games.

Writer's Beat is based upon the honour system of "critique to be critiqued." Many of our members are experienced in the arcane art of grammar, the shady grey areas of plot, characters, and setting, and are happy to fill in the blanks when it comes to dialogue. Writer's Beat is known for the thorough, courteous manner in which it comments on its members writing, and it's hardly a rare occurence to find a complete line-by-line critique in their fiction forum! The friendly staff are quite effective in keeping the forum one of the nicer places on the web, and are quick to respond to any questions a member might have.

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