Writer's Beat Edit

is an International writer's forum, offering support, writing advice and critique service for young and old. Membership is absolutely free.

The forum has places to store member's writing on their own private web space, monthly competitions and challenges to stretch the imagination and creativity, as well as opportunities to publish work in the monthly e-zine 'Writer's Club'.

Writer's Beat is just one year old and already has 1500 members, of established authors and beginner's, and recieves over one million hits a month. The site is manned twenty-four-seven, by a team of dedicated staff that look after extremely active, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, lyric and scriptwriting forums. If the muse has decided to take the day off, there are friendly chats and lively debates in the cafe, or become engrossed in role-play, or some of the boardgames.

The critique service has a team of eight experienced critics to help writers of all abilities to improve and is also free to members. Full critques and reviews of work over 2500 words can be done on request.

The site has undergone radical changes recently to make it a much more user-friendly experience. This is not the only change, Writer's Beat is to produce it's first anthology and brand new hardcopy bi-monthly magazine in 2007. There are great opportunities, for writer's all over the world, to join in and to get involved with Writer's beat.

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