Wes Platt

Also known as Brody in the MU*ing world and Stamp on World of Warcraft's Earthen Ring server, Wes is the creator and chief developer of OtherSpace. Check out the Grand Unified Theory of OtherSpace for more about the project's evolution.

He was born on Sept. 22, 1966. He's a 1984 graduate of Winter Park High School and a 1992 graduate of the University of South Florida.

He worked from 1991 to 2003 as a reporter and editor for the St. Petersburg Times. He left journalism to focus on the development of Chiaroscuro, an original-theme fantasy roleplaying game.

In 2004, he wrote the first official OtherSpace novel as part of National Novel Writing Month. OtherSpace: Red-Eye Flight is available as an ebook and in paperback from

He has been a longtime contributor to discussions at Top MUD Sites. He's been profiled in the Tampa Tribune and has appeared on Orlando's Radio Sci-Fi show. He also has done freelance writing for

For six months, in 2005-2006, he lived in Washington state, near the Oregon border, where he worked as a technical writer and started development of a new text game, called Necromundus.

He now lives in North Carolina, working for Icarus Studios as a writer on their Fallen Earth MMORPG project. He's also in the process of developing the successor to OtherSpace, called OtherSpace: Millennium, which goes live in June 2008.

The growing list of characters he has played on the games of can be found at this link.

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