Sunky would like to make it clear that the Munky’s primitive opinions are not necessarily a reflection of his own… primitive opinions.

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This week Munky is listening to the music...


Artist - The Music.

Song - Strength in Numbers.

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Lego Query.

Coleen from Newland asks - Dear Unkle Munky, I suspect that my boyfriend is taking his new job at the Legoland factory a little too seriously. What can I do?

Unkle Munky says - Dear Coleen, I fail to see exactly where the problem lies with regards to your boyfriend's new position at Legoland.

Coleen replies - Oh fer god's sake! Just look at him!


  • Coleen's boyfriend, Noel, getting ready for his shift at the Legoland factory.

Henry Winkler, Celebrity Confectionary Archeologist to the Stars!

This week Henry has been digging around in the garden of Welsh soul sensation - Ms. Duffy.

Unkle Munky asks - What have you found today, Henry?


Henry Replies - Heyyyyyy... My name is not 'Fonzy'! I shook that image years ago! I am Henry Winkler, Celebrity Confectionary Archeologist to the Stars!

Bungle's Barely News...


Hear Today...

Kelly from Etwall asks - Dear Unkle Munky, Is it true that scientists have now linked smoking to certain forms of deafness ?

Unkle Munky says - Dear Kelly, I can confirm that scientists have indeed discovered a link between smoking and certain forms of deafness. I would recommend, on this occasion, that you refrain from exhaling cigarette smoke through your ears.


Public Information with Amy Knitwear.

Amy knitwear1smoke

Unkle Munky says - Who the fuc...? What the...?

Spelling Bee.

Pam from Leeds asks - Dear Unkle Munky, Did you receive my letter regarding the forthcoming spelling contest?

Unkle Munky says - Dear Pam, I did indeed receive said letter. I can confirm that your application has been mislaid. It would appear to me that said disappearance is more than likely connected to your incorrect spelling of the organisers address. I have contacted the offices at Merthyr Tydfil on your behalf. They were less than complimentary about your 'abilities' and have verified that, by default, you have already lost. I would suggest, on this occasion, that you enter a spelling competition that is closer to home.

Pam replies - There isn't one in Leads, Unkle Munky.

Unkle Munky says - Oh fer fuck's sake!


Munky's made-up Archive (1966).

Today's blast from the past depicts a Mr. Ford from Suffolk. Difficulties with a new fangled nuclear reactor had been causing Mr. Ford some major headaches. In this picture he can be seen discussing Munky's advice with regards to said problem...

Off n on

Big Brother Query.


James from Darlington asks - Dear Unkle Munky, Do you think that having a disability could actually prove beneficial with regards to winning Big Brother?

Unkle Munky says - Dear James, I recently put your theory to the test at the 'Sony Ericsson Agony Awards'. Unfortunately my fake blindness curried little sympathy with the judges and I have since been forced to accept an abysmal position of joint eighth.

Mary says1

That's because you're shit though, Unkle Munky. Incidentally, why do you have your jeans on back-to-front?

Unkle Munky replies - Ahem. Just get on with your work, Mary!



The Joke's on Munky.

Alan from Yardley Wood asks - What do you call an exploding Munky?

Unkle Munky says - Ahem. I don't know, Alan. What do you call an exploding Munky?

Alan replies - A Baboom!

Unkle Munky - I don't get it?

More from Bungle's Barely News...

Bungle court

Bungle Bear - Barely News - Playing twister with disgruntled jurors in a field behind a stuffy courtroom.

Man on a Hill.

Man on a hill dig



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