Sunky would like to make it clear that the Munky’s primitive opinions are not necessarily a reflection of his own… primitive opinions.

Ask unkle munky

This week Munky is buying...


Artist - Buy Now.

Song - Body Crash.

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Munky gets to the root of things...

Gail from Gillingham asks - Dear Unkle Munky, The tree in my back garden looks like a naked lady dancing. Do you think I should phone the local newspaper?


Unkle Munky says - Dear Gail, I fail to see any resemblance between your tree and a naked lady. I suspect that you simply have a very vivid imagination. This random photograph of a fluffy cloud (taken earlier by my good self) should clearly prove my point. I suppose you're going to tell me that it looks like a face or something?


Gail replies - Ahem.

Bungle's Barely News.


Bungle Bear - Barely News - Asking the Questions that Matter.

When Your Wages Suck...


Dale from Elland asks - Dear Unkle Munky, Did you receive my mail regarding industrial action?

Unkle Munky says - Dear Dale, I did indeed receive said mail. Attempting to secure a higher pay increase by withdrawing your services strikes me as foolish in the extreme. After all, a national deficit of drinking straws is hardly grounds for a major crisis.


Henry Winkler, Celebrity Confectionary Archeologist to the Stars!

This week Henry has been digging around in the garden of Liam Gallagher.

Unkle Munky asks - What have you found today, Henry?

Fonzie in clover

Patch Work.

Wayne from Derby asks - Dear Unkle Munky, Did you receive my mail regarding the terrible career woes that I am currently facing?

Unkle Munky says - Dear Wayne, I did indeed receive the aforementioned mail. I have queried your predicament and have been informed, by the Job Center, that - 'People who choose such a career path must be prepared to experience long spells of inactivity.' With this in mind, I would recommend that you consider modelling something other than Elbow Patches.


  • Wayne modelling the new non-stick 'Wonder Patch' by Teflon.

Public Information with Amy Knitwear.

Amy knitwear pointless

Unkle Munky chokes - Who the fuc... What the...?

Model Soldier.

Linda from Strathfoyle asks - Dear Unkle Munky, My boyfriend has recently joined the army. Everything was going fine until he was issued with a khaki uniform. How feasible would it be for him to swap services? His deep blue eyes would look stunning against a naval backdrop.

Unkle Munky sighs - Give me strength.


Having a Google.

Martin from Pembrokeshire asks - Dear Unkle Munky, My semi-naked girlfriend is positive that perverts with computers can zoom in on her via 'Google earth.' How can I convince her otherwise?

Unkle Munky says - Dear Martin, I will endeavour to appease your girlfriend's worries just as soon as you have emailed your coordinates to me.

Martin replies - Oh fer god's sake!


Bungle's Barely News.


Bungle Bear - Barely News - Enjoying a Donna

Liam Gallagher Vs. The Fonz.

Fonz vs liam sm

Late Kick Off.



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