General infoEdit

UKAuthors [1] was initially launched in January 2002 by Richard Harris and Andrea Lowne [2] as a UK-based website on which prose writers and poets could publish their work and receive ratings, comments and feedback and read and comment on the work of their fellow-members.

Since its inception the site has grown enormously, with an average of 400 new submissions and 100 new registered users joining every month.

UKA also features a hugely popular Discussion Forum[3], where debate about all things literary (and otherwise!)is encouraged. There is also an extensive resource directory containing (mainly) UK competitions, markets, news, publishers, books, agents, small presses and much more for the benefit of new writers.

'Voices from the Web' AnthologyEdit

UKA has already published its third annual prose and poetry anthology [4], which contains the best prose and poetry pieces published on the site. The content of the book was nominated and voted upon by the members themselves, making this a 100% communal, and probably unique, project. The 'Voices from the Web' anthology is now a 412 page paperback, available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble]], Waterstones and WH Smith, amongst others.


UKA have also set up a publishing branch of the site, UKA Press [5] the aim of which is to offer previously unknown and unpublished authors a chance to have their work published in a fair and democratic way without having to resort to so-called vanity publishers, and to get their work out there and noticed.

All in all, a great place to be!

What you can do on UKAuthorsEdit

On UKA you can publish your fiction, articles, journals and poetry online, as well as read, write, comment and interact with readers and writers of all levels, nationalities and ages.

We run regular prose and poetry competitions, publish an annual UKA Anthology which contains some of the best work on the site, voted for inclusion by the UKA members themselves.

You can join in our friendly and flourishing writers forums which range from research, to publishing, to critique/discussion, or you can simply have fun in the General Discussion forum.

UKA AudioEdit

Don't forget, too, that our new, innovative Audio facility [6], enables you to upload an audio file of your work onto the site, so that visitors and members alike can read and listen to your piece simultaneously, if they wish to.

UKA ResourcesEdit

For those all-important writers' resources, be sure to check out our extensive UKA Resources pages [7].

Above all, we hope you enjoy your visit to UKA and decide to stay! We’d love to have you.

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