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Musician, Producer, Music Publisher and now Novelist, Graham Sclater looks back at the music scene in the 60's .

Graham Sclater ’s first novel "Ticket to Ride" reveals the actuality of living and playing in Hamburg during the 1960’s. An accomplished songwriter and musician, Graham has been featured in a number of arts and musical programmes and has performed and recorded with artists including Jimi Hendrix, Fats Domino, Ritchie Blackmore, James Taylor, Elton John and numerous ’name’ musicians. Many of his songs have won international competitions and have been recorded by well known artists. In 1975 Graham formed Tabitha Music Limited, an independent music publishing company with a catalogue of more than five hundred songs, with hit records published across Europe and the Far East, including Japan. The Company’s songs have been featured in films, television programmes, documentaries and have been released on major record labels including EMI, CBS and Phonogram.

"Ticket to Ride" will be commercially available in June 2006 from Flame Books

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