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I was born in Portsmouth on the south coast of England at lunchtime on 7th November, 1957: to my knowledge this was the only event of note that happened in the world during that month. As my father was in the REME (Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers) division of the British Army he was away a lot when I was young and we moved house a few times as we stayed in tied housing. Most of my early years were spent in a small town in England called Liphook and in my later to teen years we moved back to Portsmouth to live with my mother's parents. All of my interest at school was in science, but I left school at 16, excited by the prospect of doing real work and earning money, (I had a Saturday morning job in a bakery cleaning the huge mixing machines and stamping on cockroaches). I left school with 7 'O' levels, all science except for one English Language and a Grade 4 'CSE' in Spanish and started work as an apprentice electronic engineer, and I have worked in that field all my life. Dreams of becoming an astronomer, my childhood passion, were effectively dashed by this move as I was never to go back and do a degree until my recent Open University studies in Art History (although I did get technical qualifications required for my job). I have been married twice, my first wife died soon after we divorced, and my second wife is from Thailand and we have now been married almost 5 years. I worked for various companies, large and small, and also spent 11 years running my own company, successfully at first, although latterly it was to end in failure: returned to employment and then emigrated to Singapore. The latest adventure is I am changing my job again and moving to Waterloo in Canada in mid November and then in October 2007 probably moving to San Jose in California.

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