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Sheldon Goldfarb's book, Remember, Remember, released by UKA Press on 15th April 2005, has been shortlisted for Best Juvenile Mystery Novel in Canada for 2005. The winner will be declared in June 2006.

ISBN: 1-904781-43-8

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Sheldon Goldfarb has a Ph.D. in Victorian literature and has always enjoyed a good mystery.

He grew up in Montreal (Canada) and spent a year in Manchester — not working in an insurance company, but studying history at the University. He now lives in Vancouver, where he works at the University of British Columbia and spends as much of his time as he can writing.

He has written everything from screenplays to book reviews to scholarly books on William Makepeace Thackeray to light-hearted spoofs and literary parodies. He once got mentioned in People magazine for writing a letter to the Times Literary Supplement.

Altogether he has four degrees, dozens of publications, and one cat.

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Price: £9.99

244 pages

Released 15th April 2005

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