RD.Larson can‘t help writing. Her imagination forces her to write every day. She lives on an island off the West Coast of the US. She reads like she’s feasting, and writes like she’s starving.

Her interests are sailing, kayaking, hiking along the coast, and flower gardening. She has had more than 230 articles, stories and essays published online and in print.

Publishing HistoryEdit

RD.Larson’s story, Malaise, was chosen from among hundreds of other entries for publication from The Paper Journey, in an short story collection entitled Original Sin: The Seven Deadlies Come Home to Roost. Other published stories included in Women Behaving Badly, (anthology also from The Paper Journey), Angel On My Shoulder (anthology from Wind River Press), Kaleidoscope (anthology from BeWrite). Publishing in the UK with prize winning’s holiday story winner, Christmas on Red Dog Road. She has been published in the anthology from The Dark side of Love, also from and in Their Mysterious Ways."


  • Homepage
  • Blog Site Political slash, Fiction flash and Doggie splash!!! [1]
  • Fan site from Australia hosted by Joan James [2]

She has many of her stories published at

READ Mama Tried to Raise a Lady on your Smart Phone, PDA or Blackberry Edit

Mama Tired to Raise a Lady

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