The Department of Information Presents: “Beware the fun haters.”

Narrator: Now we have all thought about hating fun from time to time, I’m sure many of you watching are thinking about it now. Well STOP! Fun hating is a serious problem. Lets just see what happens when Samantha decides to hate her friend Susan’s fun:

Susan: Come on Samantha, lets go play on the swings and listen to popular music.

Samantha: No. Popular music is cheap and terrible. I refuse to listen to any music that wasn’t written before 1830.

Susan: Oh, I guess I’ll go on my own then.

Samantha: Did you not hear me! Popular music is a tool of the devil! And I’m not letting you or anyone else listen to it.

Susan: I don’t think I want to be friends with you anymore.

Narrator: That’s right. Samantha just lost a good friend through fun hating. Some of you may still be thinking lightly about this subject. Maybe you don’t think Susan was a good friend. Well things get worse for Samantha as we shall see:

Samantha: Evil, must destroy, popular music, corrupting the world, sex and drugs and exotic rhythms, must end it all, Thirty-ought-six will save them, make it all better! Mwahahaha!!!!

Narrator: That’s right. Samantha has lost the ability to form grammatically correct sentences. So let this be a lesson to you all!

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