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January 2009 Soman Panicker (Soman)

December 2008 Mini Menon (Niece)

November 2008 Beverly Phillips (Bevvy)

October 2008 Chris Blackburn (Pombal)

September 2008 Lisa Hinsley (Ginger)

August 2008 Summer Break.

July 2008 Emma (Emerald)

June 2008 Ann (Red dragon)

May 2008 Sue (Romany) Oldham.

April 2008 Ross (Rosco) McCague.

March 2008 Christine (Orangedream) Clatworthy.

February 2008 Nicky (littleditty) Goodman.

January 2008 Lisa (Sugarmama) Plowman. (Wiki pages available).

December 2007 Allen (Griffonner) Ansell.

November 2007 Daffni Percival (Teifii). (Wiki pages available).

October 2007 Ailsa (Ruaidh) Robertson.

September 2007 Jolen Casper. (Wiki pages available).

August 2007 Keith (Discopants) Davison.

July 2007 Paul MacJoyce.

June 2007 David (Corin) Turner.

May 2007 Glen (Shywolf) Petrant.

April 2007 Simon Leigh. (Wiki pages available).

March 2007 Steve Fitzsimmons (Expat).

February 2007 Simon (Eddiesolo) Murphy.

January 2007 Karen (Kazzmoss) Mossman.

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