I am a retired Headteacher, now working as an editor & reviewer of poetry for magazines. I help to run SOUTH Poetry Magazine, one of the longest running poetry magazines in England.

I have been writing poetry all of my adult life. My first success came with a prize-winning poem in a National Poetry Competition. This gave me the confidence to submit my work more widely, leading to regular publication of my work in many of the leading poetry magazines.

My first collection, CLOSE TO THE EDGE was published in 1996 & won the prestigious ROSEMARY ARTHUR AWARD.

My second collection of poetry, SHORT STORIES : SUBURBAN LIVES (Bluechrome), deals with the difficulties and loneliness of  the many people  trapped in dark suburbia, just trying to survive.''

My work has been included in many anthologies, on Internet sites & broadcast on national & local radio in the UK. My poetry has been translated into several European languages and has appeared in anthologies published in a number of different countries.

Gloucester born, I have lived and worked in Berkshire for many years.

Living in semi-rural Warfield  inspired me to record life in this charming parish as a sequence of poems that have formed the basis for my collection, ROUGH MUSIC, which was published by bluechrome in the Autumn of 2006.

My latest collection, CHOOSING THE ROUTE, was published by Indigo Dreams Publishing  in October 2010.

 Details and examples of my work can be found on my website :