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Orbis Quarterly Literary International JournalEdit

80 pages of news, reviews, views, letters, features, prose and quite a lot of poetry.

Each issue, 50 pounds: Featured Writer; 3 to 4 poems or 2000 words Plus Readers’ Award: 50 pounds for piece receiving the most votes Four winners selected for submission to Forward Poetry Prize, Single Poem Category; 50 pounds split between four, or more, runners-up.

'I Filled the Bath with Coty L’Aimant' by Ros Barber, joint winner of the Orbis 126 Readers Award, was selected for The Forward Book of Poetry 2005

Carole Baldock - editorEdit

Carole Baldock [1] took over as Editor of Orbis following Mike Shields’ fantastic finale, #120, February 2002 - a hard act to follow, especially with the volume of submissions, many from overseas.

Issues 121, 124, 130 and 132 sold out. 125 to 128 now reduced to £3 each ; 122 and 123, £2 each.

Subscription rates:Edit

UK 4 issues £15

Single issue £4

Overseas 4 issues £20 / 30 EUR / $40

Single issue £5 / 10 EUR / $12

Current requirements:Edit

Besides poems (occasionally upbeat doesn’t come amiss), Orbis welcomes prose (500-1000 words), suggestions for cover artwork and features (500-1000 words; ideas in first instance): subjects for discussion: ‘day in the life’, technical, topical etc. With the latter, Carole explains: ‘We’ve had debates on a variety of subjects: ‘the heresy that poems should be about truth more than words’ (123); ‘I’ll clean toilets at Piccadilly Circus but don’t let me come back as a Poetry Editor’. (124); could Auden be right: ‘when a poem is thought finished, it’s time to put it in the bin’? (125).’

She adds: ‘In particular, having been involved with Social Inclusion projects and encouraging access to the Arts (eg South Asian Showcase for Liverpool’s Dead Good Poets Society [2]), I’m interested in work from all such communities, especially young people (under 20s and 20somethings). Even with women writers, although subs are around 50/50, submissions are still a good third less than those from men.’


By post:

Four poems; two prose pieces (500-1000 words). Please enclose SAE with ALL correspondence. Overseas: 2 IRCs.

Via email, Overseas only:

two poems/one piece of prose in body – no attachments

Full sample issue at

Please refer to guidelines at before submitting work

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