Mark Harrison was born in Cheshire, England and educated (despite some resistance on his part) at Wilmslow Grammar School.

To the relief of his teachers, he failed to achieve the grades required to progress beyond the Fifth Form and so completed his studies at Macclesfield College of Further Education. Released from a self-imposed obligation to rebel against the rigid conformity of grammar school, he thrived in the College’s more relaxed regime and left with commendations.

In 1970 he entered a career in local government. He started work as the tea boy with Manchester City Council and ended as a senior officer with the London Borough of Bexley.

By 2001 he was almost in sight of a pension. But he had grown weary of spending his days in the same few square metres of municipal magnolia. He quit his job, sold his house in leafy Surrey and moved to Spain with his wife, Vivien.

He spent his first year learning the language and writing about his experience. The result was a full-length chronicle of the joys and pitfalls of living in Spain entitled, “I Want To Live In Spain.” Encouraged by friends and family, he decided to continue writing. His first novel, “Missing” was inspired by his new surroundings and the experiences of an Englishman suddenly thrust into a foreign land.

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