• I got my copy of Mama Stories over a week ago. every time I open my drawer to get my lingerie, I laugh, thinking of Mamma's fairy slip. I'm up to chapter 8 and believe me when I way that the Padre in 7 greatly resembles the minister that tried to convert my folks and us kids when we were pre-teenagers. Your stories are fabulous!!!! I use them (along with my peanut butter pretzels) as a lift for my spirits, one each day after listening to the awful, depressing news. Did your mom ever have a mangler?

Mine did. And she too, popped buttons and managed to occasionally mangle
one of dads shirt collars.

Ruth WeidigEdit

  • ‘Pop said his list was longer than the Pope's dress.’ From historic fiction the author RD Larson takes the reader to another era in time when country life meandered through the toils of old, forever lifting humor from the tireless tasks of the 20th century. In those days ‘Mama Tried to Raise a Lady’ … but “Baby” loved to roll in the dust with the Labrador while she imitated his scratching at fleas.

This Puget Sound author RD Larson tells a humorous tale to enthrall the imagination of all with: “I ran straight at old Billy… and Pop grabbed the rope, bull-dogging the errant goat amid hoots of laughter from the guests.”

‘Mama Tried to Raise a Lady’ will have anthology lovers seeking RD.Larson’s book of short stories, only one of many by the Washington author. Amazon delivers the anthology book worldwide, from and at Fictionwise.

Submitted By Pamela Faye, Arts Editor