Lisa Plowman - aka Sugar Mama
A Short Biography & A Selection of Poems.

A Short Biography...


Born in Barry, South Wales in 1972. I moved away at a young age, but still reside in Wales not far from my birth place. I'm 35 (36 in Feb) and live with my husband, five children and two Staffordshire Bull Terriers; Shadow and Mystique. I take a break with my imagination, which takes me to places only I know the secrets of. I let my characters and stories come to life with the click of my keyboard and I become engrossed in their adventures.

Other than writing, I have a passion for drawing too; mainly tigers in pastel (when I get enough time).

One drawing can take 4 hours, sometimes longer. It's been a hobby of mine since the age of sixteen.

I have a picture that I drew, framed, of tiger in mid snarl, which now sits in pride of place in my hallway.

I have been artistic since the age of seven, when my mum thought I'd trace a picture of Lippy Lion (remember him?). when I had drawn him free hand, which led to me being a disgruntled seven year old until the facts were laid bare.

I have always had a fascination for writing since a young age, but didn't think I'd be taken seriously.

I became inspired by Enid Blyton books, which took me to places that I loved and have never forgotten;they drive me onwards as well as the deep determination and a strong mind to succeed in what I love with an ongoing passion. Over twenty years later I still have the 'need' as I did as a child and its still as strong now as it was then.

A Selection of Lisa's Poetry:

Darkness and Light.

Silent Tears.

Barriers of Time.

Doorsteps and Bakestones.

Spirit of Nature.

Princess Rose Bud.

Secrets of The Shadows.


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A Selection of Lisa's Prose:


Little Boy Lost.


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