Kazz has been writing since the mid 70' mainly for her own entertainment, although she has had a couple of articles printed, the most recent in Best of British magazine. Various short stories have been printed on internet sites and she is pleased to know that other people are now reading her work.

She also became interested in genealogy during the 90's and investigated all her family tree's. Having learnt a lot about social and local history, felt she wanted to share all the amazing things she found out.

Also in the nineties Kazz realised she was never going to be an artist as all her drawings resembered the work in displayed by her local nursey class. Instead, she turned her hand to embroidery and now produces fine works of art.

She then created her own web site to show off all the things mentioned above and called it Site of Allsorts.

On a personal front, she lives in Manchester and has been married for over 30 years with two grown up children. She is also very proud of the fact that her children were born on the same day day two years and two pounds in weight apart. She also lived at house number 22 at the time. Kazzmoss is a play on her first and last name.

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