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Born in Chicago, Jolen spent a brief childhood in Collinsville, Illinois, before boarding a Greyhound to see the U.S.

At 16, she was outrunning Texas State Troopers, and learning to shoot everything from a .22 to a machine gun. By her early 20s she’d been a pool hustler, college girl, drug addict and wife, interlaced with bouts of unbelievably tame domesticity. She’s raised Dobermans, raced cars and baked cookies for PTA meetings.

From the moment Jolen learned to read, she read everything she could get her hands on, and still does. Her natural curiosity and desire to see beyond the obvious made writing a necessity. Jolen writes everything from songs to erotica, poetry and fiction.

From flying in private jets to trekking cross-country on a Harley, Jolen has traveled a long and winding road…one which the reader is given an intimate glimpse of through her work.

Being a born rebel, she did just that, rebelled. Against anything she felt wrong or unjust. She’s a great fan of the underdog and champion of many a cause. Jolen has faced all that life threw at her and came out the other side stronger, dedicated, and more determined to not go gentle into the good night.

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