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Jolen Casper was born in 1962 in Chicago, Illinois. She has two daughters and a young granddaughter. In 2006 she met the brilliant young poet, James Thomas Whitworth. They both now reside and write in Leeds, England. Travel is something they both enjoy and do often.

Jolen’s interests include music, writing and collecting rare books. She has an interest in esoteric texts as well as poetry and the classics. Raised in traditional religion, she found Wicca teachings to be more suited to her artistic disposition. She has always had an interest in writing, but in the last few years has pursued her gift more intensively. Poetry in a cup voted her poet of the month for April 2005, and went on to vote her their poet of the year. She's had several of her pieces featured in magazines, as well as wininng various poetry contests over the past three years.

Jolen began writing poetry in 2004. She says, "My poetry is inspired by life and I use music a great deal. I love to try new things and try to learn something new all the time. I enjoy co-writing for this reason." In 2005, after joining UKAuthors, Jolen met an incredible writer, Ross McCague, who became her poetry mentor and has had the biggest influence on her work to date. With his guidance, her work continues to evolve and grow in both strength and range.

Jolen participates in a number of literary sites, including UKAuthors and Creative Poems. Jolen is a guiding light at Creative Poems, where she is the Assistant Administrator. Her energy and enthusiasm have raised the profile of the site to its special prominence in the exciting new realm of online publishing. At UKAuthors, she is also a highly regarded author with an equivalent base of admiration.

Jolen continues to write poetry, but has now moved into noir detective writing, first with a series created with writing partner, fellow Bad Penny Productions member, Len Wilson, and now on her own in an exciting new series based on the adventures of a female ace detective. Both Jolen and Alex McIver, the third member of Bad Penny Productions, have started a new spy parody series with a Femme Fatale character to die for. Check out their 'Ida Laider, Down and Dirty' and 'Ida Laider, For a small fee' chapters.

Jolen is a writer with many interests and many skills. She has a magic about her in connecting with people and inspiring exemplary work from others as well as herself.

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