Head in the clouds, feet firmly on the floor, Jo's a bit of a daydreamer who dabbles in both poetry and prose (all genres).

In the real world, she's a full time legal secretary and, in her spare time, she's currently Proofreader for Gold Dust magazine.

Jo lives in a cosy Victorian terrace in East London with her two cats - sweet little Lottie and heading-for-fat Jerry Cat. She loves her little pink smart car (Piglet) and enjoys reading, writing, proofreading and spending time with her friends and family.

To date, she's had poems published in several anthologies: Voices From The Web - Volume 3; Voices From The Web - Volume 4; British Isles Poets 2006 and 101 Poets For A Cornish Assembly, along with one story in Anything Goes! - The Soup Kitchen Magazine and a haiku's on display in 3Lights Gallery (online).

Please visit for the whole caboodle.


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