FRANKIE - Judy Walker

13-year-old Frankie's life is shattered by a shocking accident, and he is sent to live with a strange couple he believes are his aunt and uncle. At his new school he makes a friend, as well as an enemy, and gets to know a blind girl who seems to be in terrible danger. But when Frankie discovers a hideous secret hidden in the village, he and his friends are on the run for their lives.

"I found this story enthralling, wonderful and moving. The twists and turns will take your breath away. A great fireside read." -- G.P. Taylor, bestselling author of the Shadowmancer and Mariah Mundi series

"A striking thriller for young people, the best we've read all year" -- Editorial Pages

"Harmoniously blends a story of a boy who has lost his family within a crime drama and a mystery, with astonishing power and scope" -- UKA Crime Writers

"Funny, sad, terrifying - and what a story!" -- Barnacle Reviews

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