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Hi, guys! I wandered into this wiki while looking for articles on multilingualism. Never mind how (but it is listed under "French" and linked from the "Auteurs" page).

I see that a large number of your articles are uncategorized. Some contributors could find the site easier to use if every article were in suitable categories: authors and subjects and genres, for example. That would let you jump easily to other articles of the same author or subject or genre without having to search for them then create links to them.

This site was started some time before all new wikia sites were getting scores of automatic starter pages. You could import many of the newer ones from the Starter Pages Wikia - - to improve usability. I'll do some to give you the idea. Tell me if you want me to stop. But actually an admin of this site could use the export/import facility to get the lot very quickly! Most of them will help some contributor here eventually, so it won't hurt to have them all; new wikis get them all.

Robin Patterson (Talk) 11:10, January 5, 2010 (UTC)