"Whitworth's poetry is rhythmic, focused, sure of itself, as is the poet. Her voice is a voice of someone who has lived, who has known light and darkness, who retains a dignity and strength that endears her to true lovers of poetry." -- L. Ward Abel, Author of The Heat of Blooming, and Jonesing for Byzantium

"This remarkable collection of poetry takes the reader on a most incredible journey, as seen through the eyes of this truly unique poet. In spite of life's inevitable peaks and troughs, there is this enviable quality of optimism that shines through even the darkest of moments to the very last. For as is said, come what may, life still goes on and nobody illustrates this more skilfully than Jolen Whitworth and her poetry. From the deep despair of 'Cold Acceptance' and 'Ouroboros' to the poignancy of 'Today I Had a Moment' and 'The Rain', to the passion of 'Limits' and the passive acceptance of 'Midnight Orchids'and 'Tabula Rasa', this collection is a joy to read.

"Every Girl Has Her Limits," - that may be so, but writer, Jolen Whitworth, has much farther to go until she reaches hers. Of that I am certain." -- Christine Ann Clatworthy, Author of the poetry collection, 'In Two Minds' and various published works in 'Voices from the Web', anthologies published by UKA Press.

Jolen Whitworth is a full-blooded Celtic poetess who gathers up the minutiae of daily life into a passionate storm that performs a lexical dance on the most withered heart. Her new book is divided into stations on the journey to a personal salvation, where in greater and greater degrees, she challenges us “to surrender to the forces that balance beyond control.” In a fearless personal search for meaning and hope, Jolen entreats the reader to balance their doubts and heartaches with a fully embraced love of life in all its facets. Over the last few years, Jolen has developed into a skilled Romantic poet who let nothing stand in her way to establishing an authoritative poetic voice. It is the voice of the disinherited, the broken and the lost transfigured by a lyrical, visionary glimpse into the redemptive power of love. -- Ross McCague, Professor of English, Seneca College, Toronto, Canada.

"I'm not a big fan of structured, lyrical, Romantic poetry. I generally avoid it like the plague...because contrary to popular opinion, it's a very delicate thing and in the wrong hands it can turn into an absolute mess. There's nothing like that here. Whitworth is a writer in full command of her skills...confident and passionate. This is the real deal." -- John Yamrus, author of NEW AND SELECTED POEMS.

"When you read something as good as this collection, you have to respond straight away. I love it!" -- Dawn Bauling, Editor, Sarasvati Poetry Magazine

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