Eleanor Leonne Bennett
(24th February 1996 - ) is considered a child prodigy in the field of photography and visual art. As a result of various successes in competitions and in obtaining publication by major charities and organisations, her work has been continuously exhibited around the world since she was 13 years old. She has been named the Environmental Photographer Of The Year in her age category as of 2013.

Early LifeEdit

Eleanor Bennett was born on the 24th February 1996 at Stepping Hill Hospital, Stockport and lives with both parents, Danielle Katrina Boyd and John Nigel Bennett, on a farm near Stockport, Greater Manchester. Bennett’s grandfather is author Douglas Boyd and her step-grandmother is British flautist Atarah Ben-Tovim


Bennett briefly attended Disley Primary School, but is mainly home-schooled as permitted under Section 19 of the UK Education Act 1996.


Bennett’s work first came to public attention in 2009, when she was 11 years old, winning Woodland Trust Nature Detectives Art Competitions multiple times. This very first work was mixed media before her transition to photography.

Her photograph in their later photography only competition was selected as one of those given away by the Trust as free computer wallpaper in a 2010 promotion. She won the National Geographic Kids Competition at 14. At 15 Bennett was the winner of the National Geographic 2010 Photography Competition in which she was the overall category winner as well as "humour" winner in the UK. In the same year Bennett won the World Photography Organisation, Winstons Wish Competition, Papworth Hospital Trust Photographic Competition (overall winner, under 16 category), and the Mencap 2010 Photography Competition, leading to inclusion in an exhibition which toured Britain.

The area where Bennett grew up features heavily in her work She has taken numerous photographs in Buxton, Disley, Cheshire New Mills, and Derby. This has led to exhibitions in these locations on repeat occasions, her work being exhibited at the Devonshire Dome, New Mills Library, and publication in the 2012 edition of the Disley tourist guides, as well as being published local newspapers such as The Macclesfield Express and the Stockport Express.

Bennett cites the natural world, crime , fashion and faces as her main inspirations, as well as photographers and artists such as Russian artist, sculptor, photographer and graphic designer Alexander Rodchenko and American National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore. She currently uses a Panasonic FZ38 for most of her work.

Bennett’s photography has been published in the Telegraph , The Guardian, the BBC News Website, The Big Issue and on the cover of books and magazines in the United States and Canada. As of 2014 she has now been published in The Guardian and Telegraph on multiple occasions. The most recent Guardian occasion was in early 2015 as a result of her collaborative work with the publishing house Nine Arches Press.

Exhibitions and PublicationsEdit

Bennett’s photographs have been published in exhibitions and magazines across the world, including the Guardian, Escape into Life, and the National Geographic Kids Magazine. She was also the only person from the UK to have her work displayed in the National Geographic and Airbus ‘See the Bigger Picture’ global touring exhibition, during the United Nations International Year of Biodiversity 2010 and was the youngest artist to be displayed in Charnwood Art’s Vision 09 Exhibition and New Mill’s Artlounge Dark Colours Exhibition. She currently has an exhibition of more than 15 photographs showing at the Marburae Gallery Macclesfield, Cheshire .

Other exhibitions include:

  • The Jardines del Buen Retiro, Madrid, during the International Book Fair (31 May - 14 June 2011)
  • United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO)

in Paris (2011)

  • The Environmental Photographer of the year Exhibition (2011)

Bennett’s art is globally exhibited, having shown work in, amongst others, London, Paris, Indonesia, Los Angeles, Florida, Washington, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Canada, Spain, Germany, Japan and Australia.

Book and Magazine coversEdit

Bennett’s work has been used widely on the covers of magazines and books.

  • Otoliths on-line magazine, southern spring, 2011 [1]

  • Pavan, and Other Poems by Gary Beck (

  • Stone Highway Review ISSN 2162-3686 (print), 2162-3678 (online), (Volume 2, Issue 1) (

  • Scene4 Magazine (April and August 2012) ISSN 1932-3603[4]

  • Cicada Magazine (November/December 2011)[5]

  • Six of the Best from Gold Dust selection of short plays. (

  • The Filth (magazine) Issue 7[6]

  • Neon literary magazine. Issue 31[7]

  • The Manila Envelope literary and art magazine. Issue: Summer 2012[8]

  • Downer magazine. Issue 5, August 2012[9]

  • Hobo Camp Review on-line magazine, Issue 14, summer 2012[10]

  • Vine Leaves Literary Journal (Issue 3, July 2012)[11]

  • Quarter After literary magazine ( Issue No 2, July 2012)[12]

  • Dark Fire Fiction webzine for horror readers and writers (Issue 58, July 2012)[13]

  • The Ofi Press Magazine of Mexico City (Issue 19, July 2012)[14]

  • Glint Literary Journal (Volume 3, Spring 2012)[15]

  • Kids' Magination (Issue 11, June 2012)[16]

  • Brittle Star literary magazine (Issue 30)[17]

  • Gold Dust literary magazine (Issue 21) (

  • The Nexxuss arts magazine (Volumes 19 & 20)[18]

  • Dawn Killing Darkness poetry zine, May 2012[20]

  • Stickman Review magazine Vol 2, No. 1[21]


Articles by and about Bennett have appeared in The Guardian, The Contemporary Literary Review, Penduline, Arc Magazine, Relate Magazine and many other publications.


Bennett’s work has been sold to aid charities such as Great Ormond Street children’s hospital, Love Drop and The Red Cross

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