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Merilang Press publishes my work which consists of poetry and children's stories and will later include translations and language drills [watch this space].

Currently available...

-- And Thereby Hangs a Tail, the memoirs of a border collie. My very intelligent sheepdog decided to keep his own blog to record his prowess in the matter of becoming 'a good dog'. It is fully illustrated with many pictures of Teifi Dog and his assorted friends.

-- Sun On The Hill, Daffni's first collection. Several of these poems have appeared in various magazines or Voices From The Web. Others are published here for the first time. There will be sun on a hill [Bydd haul ar fryn] is an optimistic Welsh saying. There are so many hills here that there is sure to be one kit by sun somewhere.

-- A sheepdoggerel Anthology, a collection of poems for or by border collies or about a few other animals. A good introduction to poetry for children or sheer amusement for animal minded adults.

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