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Blood and Wine

Blood and Wine are Red, is collection of 40 humorous tales, published as a paperback.

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Reviewed by David Gardiner,author of 'Sirat'[3] and 'The Rainbow Man'[4]Edit

Well-crafted stories with a guaranteed chuckle.

A collection of light, witty and entertaining short stories written with an elegance and pseudo-formality which becomes part of the joke itself.

I found them an ideal way to end the day: read one of Andrea's stories and you detach from the troubles and irritations of the day and fall asleep with a smile on your face.

Most of them are very short and you get a lot for your money, about one a night for a month and a half!

I would also reccomend this collection as an ideal companion for a holiday where you want something cheery to fill in the odd ten minutes while you dry off on the beach.

Nobody could pretend this was great literature, and nobody does, but if you like a well-crafted story with a guaranteed chuckle at the end you aren't going to do any better than this.

Amanda Gillies, Writers’ Brew Press.Edit

‘A great read!’

Calum Kerrr, CK PublishingEdit

‘I enjoyed it immensely.’

Zoe King, BuzzwordsEdit

‘Made me chuckle!’

John Steer, AsWellAs.Edit

‘Short and sharp, qualities I admire.’

Amanda Morgan, Splizz MagazineEdit

‘Very amusing!’

David Howarth, Park Publications.Edit

‘Everything I look for in a short story.’

Jan Bentley, Plume Magazine.Edit

‘Love the humour and light touch.’

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