Alex McIver, AKA Linear, was born in 1982, in Gloucester, England. He has a strong background in science and math, as well as drafting. He’s done everything from modeling to testing soil samples.

Alex has always had an interest in art and prose writing. The youngest, and only English member of ‘Bad Penny Productions,’ his offbeat humor, energy, and fantastic artwork has added a fresh and exciting element to the motley trio.

After Len Wilson and Jolen Casper read his story, “Mary,” Len inducted Alex into ‘Bad Penny Productions.’ ‘Mary’ showcases Alex’s unique character, a young, modern-day, woman of color who is a bartender by trade when she’s a not off-world battling aliens in an effort to save the universe.

Recently Alex’s artwork has been featured in ‘Twisted Tongue Magazine,’ where he designed the Christmas cover, and ‘ScribeSpirit,’ where he does cartoons for each issue.

Alex and Jolen Casper have created an exciting femme fatale character for their “Ida Laider, Down and Dirty,” and are currently working on a new series featuring her, aptly titled, ‘Ida Laider, for a small fee’.

The twosome also have a series called “Omega.” In each one, their heroine is a drunk, embittered woman, who can’t seem to get a break. “Ima Phatass” seems to excel at making an ass of herself both on Earth and throughout the Galaxy. They are currently working on the next “Omega,” which features Ima Phatass and two other contestants in ‘Wheel of Misfortune.’ Their plans for the future include a final Omega episode, ‘Bondage on a Budget.’ Be sure to keep an eye out for those, you won’t be disappointed.

Len Wilson and Alex have teamed up for their first project together without Jolen, a parody of Sherlock Holmes, called “Shylark Homes and Dr. Wattsit”. It’s both hilarious and unique, showcasing both of their amazing talents.

In 2006, Alex created a new genre, with his poetic P.I. story, done in several different structured poetic forms. This story is nothing short of brilliant and so original, that it is sure to inspire others to try it. His work has won several awards and he continues to grow as both a writer and artist, be it with Bad Penny or in his solo efforts.

He is currently working on his novel “Mary” and plans to publish it early next year.




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